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About Natratec

Natratec is a leading agri-tech company that develops and manufactures innovative organic protective emulsions for post-harvest agricultural products and the poultry industry.

 The company’s two main applications; NatraLifeTM and NatraHatchTM, retain the freshness of fruits and vegetables and increase the egg hatching rate of poultry, respectively.


Tried, tested and fully certified, all of Natratec's products have undergone extensive in-house and independent testing. Natratec headquarters in Israel with additional offices and distributors in the UK, Spain and Mexico. 




| 01.02.2010 |
Great results in a trial on pineapples that were shipped from Costa Rica to Italy
| 15.01.2010 |
Big packinghouse of tomatoes is using NatraLife for tomatoes
| 05.01.2010 |
Four packinghouses in Spain are using NatraLife for peppers